For sending important parcels, consider using DHL, FEDEX or UPS. There are local post office which sells stamps for letters and postcards which can be sent at La Sirena (Winston Churchill Avenue), Hotel Embajador and the main post office at Centro de los Heroes. READ MORE


There are several options for visitors who want to use their mobile phone. One would be using your personal cell phone and paying your provider's roaming charges. Another is taking your phone to a local provider to unlock the phone for local use. This can be done if your mobile uses GSM or CDMA frequency. Orange and Claro offer the service of activating most European and North American based cell phones. For GSM phones, they will provide you with a SIM card and a local phone number. You can remove the chip once you leave and re-insert your original SIM. Visitors can purchase a local prepaid phone along with prepaid phone cards. This is a great option of you are a frequent visitor to the Dominican Republic.



Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, it is a good practice to purchase a calling card from CODETEL, ORANGE or TRICOM. The cards which are available in several denominations, will make it easy for you to use a public phone, without the need to use coins, for national and international calls from almost any home or cell phone. You need to dial 1+ area code+ phone number to dial to the US. To call to Canada dial 011+1+the number. To call any other country, dial 011+the country code+ area code+ the number.



If you require internet access, cyber cafes are located throughout the country. Wi-Fi points are available within many universities, hotels and cafeterias.

Personal Service

Our staff is fully service oriented. We are dedicated to guarantee you a pleasant stay and always try to anticipate your needs. At Angel Gabriel we want you to feel home away from home.


Our establishment is completely clean, starting with the foyer, over the pool area to the rooms. The staff, when not taking care of you, are constantly cleaning.


Hotel Angel Gabriel provides 24 hour security including guard service to ensure that your stay will be completly pleasant. When you are in our house the only thing you should think of is RELAXING.

Central Location

Angel Gabriel is located only 10 minutes by car from the International Airport, 30 miles from Santo Domingo and 10 minutes walk from the beach, and surrounded by the country´s most famous restaurants and antique historical beach houses.