At the very far west end of the cove lies the island of Las Arenitas. This island is larger and has plenty of firm land. Unfortunately it is somewhat polluted along the edges from all the visitors who deposit trash onto the ground but few venture beyond the first 20 yards once landing on this island. This is partly because Hurricane Georges uprooted many trees and bushes making navigation across the property difficult.


Boca Chica is where beach tourism began in the Dominican Republic Resorts Industry. One of the reasons is due to the location of Boca Chica: some 25 minutes from Santo Domingo and only 10 minutes away from Las Americas, (the first International Airport of Dominican Republic). Another reason why Boca Chica became the first, was due to the beautiful crystal clear blue water and white sandy beach.


Directly across from Las Arenitas towards the main shore, is an old and now obsolete sugar factory, which use to be a key source of employment for the town of Andrés, often called "Andrés de Boca Chica". Andres started off as a Batey, the name given to towns constructed for the proletarians who worked the sugarcane fields and factories.

historyBoca Chica Beach is not only the biggest natural lagoon of the Caribbean, it is also home to many important historical events for the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. For example the name Boca Chica, despite popular belief, is an ancient name. Earlier than the first European settlers that landed and named these lands the Americas.

las-maticasWithin Boca Chica’s cove there are two small islands.  More or less in the center is a mangrove isle named Las Maticas, There is very little firm ground on this mangrove but it is home to thousands of birds called "garzas" (herons).  Many visitors enjoy wading out to the shore of the mangrove and just hanging out, as the water off-shore is only a couple feet deep and it recedes gently up along a soft and smooth sand bar.  A narrow waterway cuts through the center of the mangrove and curious visitors like to float through in a boat, just to see where it goes. 


The Dominican Republic’s Boca Chica Beach is truly unique. Lined with hotels, all-inclusive resorts, shops, restaurants, bars and cafeterias, its waters form a cove approximately 1 mile wide.  About 1/4 mile out, is a reef in the shape of a giant semi-circle that extends from end to end and just protrudes beyond the water's surface. The reef completely surrounds the cove, forming a giant natural salt-water swimming pool with depths averaging 3-4 feet.

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