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historyBoca Chica Beach is not only the biggest natural lagoon of the Caribbean, it is also home to many important historical events for the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. For example the name Boca Chica, despite popular belief, is an ancient name. Earlier than the first European settlers that landed and named these lands the Americas.

This name goes as far back as to the Tainos, the biggest and more organized aborigine tribe on la Hispanola, (island which is shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti.) The Taino Tribe that habited the area of Boca Chica were called: Chiquenses. Their artesian handwork is considered to be the most beautiful out of all the other tribes, which lived on the island. They were the only tribe that incorporated colors into their sculptures, through the usage of paint.



To this day there are still traces of the Chiquense Tainos. On Las Americas highway, before the entrance to the International Airport of Las Americas, there is an ancient semi abandoned Taino Cemetery, which the Dominican Republic Municipal and Center government have forgotten about.

It is rumored that in 1959, when Fulgencio Batista Y Zaldívar (the ex Cuban President) was ran out of Cuba by Fidel Castro’s guerilla army, Batista exiled in Boca Chica for a few days before continuing his journey. It is also rumored that Batista paid Rafael Trujillo Molina, the Dominican dictator, a substantial sum of money in order to exile in Boca Chica. The Hamaca, the first Hotel of Boca Chica, was the Hotel where Batista stayed.

Rafael Molina Trujillo, the Dominican dictator who controlled the Dominican Republic from 1930-1961, built Las Arenitas (one of the two islands on the beach of Boca Chica). Las Maticas on the other hand, according to the wise old Boca Chica men is a Natural Island. Las Maticas was the backyard view from Trujillo’s house: currently the Dominican Bay Beach House. On this island Trujillo had build a small zoo, rumors have it that there was an Alligator, a Panther, many types of different birds, monkeys, and some other type of wild animals. Till this day, one can see the traces of the ceramic and tile troughs built into the floor, which were used to feed the animals.

Later on, throughout the 70 and 80’s Las Maticas became the main attraction to Boca Chica. Locals would climb on the trees and branches and dive into the crystal clear water. Las Maticas became so popular at one point that Dominican Merengue artists have made reference to the island when speaking of Boca Chica. People knew more about Las Maticas than the actual Boca Chica.

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